TfLJamCams ChangeLog

Date Description
25/03/2023 Say no to ULEZ banner added.
21/12/2022 Site taken offline due to DDOS/hotlinking images. Iniated Cloudfare protection and ceased saving images.
07/11/2022 Corrected Bus stops not showing, undefined iframe error.
19/09/2022 Site optimisations and removal of StreetMap options due to costs.
Coverage of Queen Elizabeth II funeral crashed the site.
Errors saving archive footage between 19 and 26 September 2022.
Removed openStreetMap option due to costs :(
22/04/2021 Change: Camera window will now remain open on mouseout except when an existing camera is being viewed.
23/11/2020 Resolved : Firefox not displaying fontawesome icons correctly.
14/11/2020 Resolved : Tube selection not displaying stations on map.
25/10/2020 Resolved : archive files not saving, data missing for 07-25 October 2020.
14/10/2020 TfL API headers problem identified as a move of CDN provider.
03/10/2020 Issue with TfL API headers/Google implementation of CORS policy. Amended API calls to local PHP files temporarily.
14/08/2020 In an effort to reduce hosting expenses, added banner for dreamhost hosting (recommended!). Removed cookie check for version.
08/08/2020 Various code updates after move to new hosting, cameras/incidents now continue to show after location, bus or tube line selected.
08/08/2020 Move to new hosting. Archive images retention increased to 60 days and now also saves video files.