TfLJamCams ChangeLog

Date Description
22/04/2021 Change: Camera window will now remain open on mouseout except when an existing camera is being viewed.
23/11/2020 Resolved : Firefox not displaying fontawesome icons correctly.
14/11/2020 Resolved : Tube selection not displaying stations on map.
25/10/2020 Resolved : archive files not saving, data missing for 07-25 October 2020.
14/10/2020 TfL API headers problem identified as a move of CDN provider.
03/10/2020 Issue with TfL API headers/Google implementation of CORS policy. Amended API calls to local PHP files temporarily.
14/08/2020 In an effort to reduce hosting expenses, added banner for dreamhost hosting (recommended!). Removed cookie check for version.
08/08/2020 Various code updates after move to new hosting, cameras/incidents now continue to show after location, bus or tube line selected.
08/08/2020 Move to new hosting. Archive images retention increased to 60 days and now also saves video files.