Privacy and Cookie Policy

Cookies are used on this website/app to provide the following functionality:

We do not collect any personally identifiable information except for data submitted by you through our secured Contact Form. You do not need to supply your name or email address to contact us but if you do, this data is used solely to communicate with you and is not retained by us or passed to any third party.

Search API

This website/application uses a customised API for searching the map and lists all London stations, Towns and Boroughs.
We do not accept any responsibility for any search data being out of date or incorrect but please contact us if any of our data is incorrect so we can rectify it..

Google Maps - Current Location

You can enable Location services to show your current location on the map.

If you have loaded the site through the secure protocol (https), a location icon will be in the bottom right corner. Pressing this icon will prompt you for permission and allow this site to plot your location on the map. The icon showing your location will disappear after 5 seconds and the map will display TfL Bus Stops within 0.5km of your location and will be updated every 5 minutes. The icon will spin to show this is active and tapping the icon again will turn this off.
This data is not collected or stored.

If you have entered using a non-secure page (http), pressing the padlock icon in the bottom right corner will load the secure version.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Installation
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With this website/application, you can choose to "Add to Home screen" either from the prompt or browser menu. This will install a shortcut icon to your device to access this application directly rather than through a web browser and the following will apply: